Why Women Must Take Regular Health Examinations

It’s fair to say that a person’s health is one of their greatest concerns and their greatest assets. Tiring work schedules, processed diets and over stress has lead to more and more preventable diseases in our population. We are now seeing old age diseases occurring at a younger and younger age.

Thankfully there are many things we can do to help ourselves. The modern lifestyle has made us lazy but regular exercise helps relieve pressure and stress, while strengthening one’s core aids in maintaining good posture preventing back pain.

Women face problems of infertility, early signs of ageing and premature ovarian failure. Stress levels among women, due to hectic lifestyles and work schedules, are taking its toll on their well being. Treatment for infertility, especially in women, must start to be addressed at an earlier age. Given the average age of women having children is around 30, women should be considering fertility assessment at an earlier age and exploring ways to preserve their fertility if they want a better chance falling pregnant later in their careers or if they choose to have children later in life. Medical intervention has been the key to helping women recover from such infertility issues and give birth to healthier babies. However prevention is better than cure when it comes to such an important issue as infertility.

IVF is a common infertility treatment but it is not the only option. Scientists and Doctors have come up with various alternative treatments, which are safe and have few side effects. By women being aware of all the treatments available, especially if they are having problems falling pregnant, this can ease the stress of not being able to conceive. Infertility can cause major relationship stress, often leading to relationships breaking down, so it is always best to be in the know when it comes to ones fertility.

It’s absolutely critical for a woman’s fertility issues to be detected as soon as possible in order to start the right fertility treatment. These treatments are the key to a woman’s fertility, however if left too late, the chances of conceiving become very slim.

Unfortunately infertility treatments are more often than not sought at the last moment, which makes the likelihood of success greatly diminished. One of the leading fertility specialists in Sydney, Dr Rebecca Deans, works from Woollahra Health & Beauty. She is focused on helping women with infertility problems and offers a full range of medical and surgical Gynaecology treatments too. Since each patient is unique, Rebecca ensures that patients undergo the required tests and then the best treatment course available to modern medicine.

The Woollahra Health and Beauty clinic boasts a team of medical professionals that deal with fertility issues, as well as beauty, medi-spa and cosmetic surgical procedures.

Woollahra Health and Beauty is conveniently located near Bondi Junction Train Station and Westfield shopping centre. Be it seeking fertility advice, relieving day to day stresses with a soothing spa session, undertaking a course of cosmetic injectables or getting a rhinoplasty to improve the shape and function of your nose, Woollahra Health & Beauty offers you all such services from expert professionals.

Book your consultation today at http://www.woollahrahealthandbeauty.com.au/

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