Operate Keyboard in Your Mother Tongue With The Indian Language Keyboard from Xploree

There were days, when people used to write letters in their own language like Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam or any other language and send communications to their loved ones. All the feelings were perfectly reflected in the letters because there was freedom of using the desired language. After the advent of internet, English has become a necessity. With apps like Whatsapp, Telegram etc, the speed of communication has been reduced to microseconds but the emotions that have been reflected in the letters that were written by hand in the desired language are not being reflected properly now because of English. Many people across the world accounting to almost 80 percent do not speak English at home. People would like to express their feelings in their own language but this has been a distant dream till yesterday. However, the wait is over. The new indian language keyboard from Xploree helps you communicate with your loved ones in the language that you want. The new keyboard understands you better and recommends the right things to you at the right time. This new keyboard is industry’s first non-intrusive, user-initiated and hyper-contextual mobile platform that comes with language intelligence. The keyboard has been specifically designed for the Indian population keeping in mind the specific requirements of the people.

Xploree team has understood that India is a land where people speak different languages. Therefore, the keyboard has been designed to adapt to as many Indian languages as possible. Though not all the languages are being supported presently, Xploree is looking at fulfilling this gap within the next few years. This gives Indians an opportunity to communicate better in their desired language and convey all their emotions the way they want. The keyboard comes up with relevant discoveries everyday by observing the context and also looking at the past and the present conversations. All the complex issues of language processing and artificial intelligence are handled by the keyboard with great ease. You will get the desired recommendations by just typing one or two letters. You may also get the recommendations automatically without having to type a single letter because of the hyper-contextual system coupled with language intelligence. The keyboard that supports several Indian languages uses advanced natural language processing techniques, semantics and intent matching algorithms which work together to connect various brands or servicesto the smartphone users in real-time. All the relevant content is produced before the user at the right time.

Are you looking to learn language softwares, machine learning, neural network technologies and self learning algorithms, Get all these by single download click on Xplore app. For more details about machine learning technology visit us.

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